1.Place and time of delivery
Our company collaborates with the below-mentioned transport companies:
• Geniki Tahydromiki
• Speedex

Orders that refer to product deliveries inside the territory of the Greek State are accepted. The orders are executed within the eight-hour workday (9:00am – 14:00pm) except for Saturday and Sunday, holiday periods and public holidays. The hours of the timetables of each delivery are defined by the collaborating Courier Companies unilaterally and are notified to the customer. The time of delivery is 7 working days depending on the product and the place of delivery. It goes without saying that in case of events of force majeure, like indicatively and non-restrictively earthquakes, floods, fires etc. the time of delivery may be greater without Company’s responsibility for the compensation of the client to be born. In that case, though, the COMPANY will notify the client through any available means.

Furthermore, there is a potential of the receipt of the order (under coordination) from the stores that the COMPANY has: Egnatias 18, Thessaloniki & Dimitriou Gounari 24, Thessaloniki with telephone numbers 6907010677 and 6907010712 which operate: Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 10:00-17:30 and Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10:00-21:00.

2. Cost of delivery
The products and services that should be delivered after the sale are shipped to the address and the receiver whom the client has stated during the submission of his/her order, which has been accepted by the COMPANY. The cost of shipping encumbers the COMPANY which provides free shipping services.

3. Way of delivery
The sold products are delivered to the place which the client has chosen before the completion of the order and the conclusion of the contract of sale, according to the relative delivery choices that are provided to him/her in the website of the online store of the COMPANY. The delivery to the place of choice of the customer is accomplished by the collaborating Courier Companies of the COMPANY and takes place either in the hands of either the client himself/herself, or of a third party who has been authorized by him/her. In the case of authorization of a third party for the delivery, the client should notify the COMPANY via e-mail or through any other means, before the shipping of the product, for its receipt from a third authorized person, mentioning the authorized person’s personal information. That third party cannot be the delivering transferor of the collaborating Courier Company. For the receipt of the order, the client will show the employee of the collaborating Courier Company of the COMPANY the confirmation of the order and the notification for shipping, as well as an official document of identification (e.g. identity card, passport or driving license). In the case of receipt from a third authorized person, the authorized third party should in addition show the employee of the collaborating Courier Company of the COMPANY the customer’s relevant authorization for the receipt of the specific order, which should be certified from a Citizen’s Service Center or other Authority. After the delivery of the sold products to the clients or to on the basis of the above authorized representative of him/her, the danger of their loss, damage or destruction is transferred from the COMPANY to the client/purchaser. The client should control the purchased products during their receipt and state officially that he/she has received them properly. In the case of non-receipt of the products from the client, the COMPANY reserves its right to withdraw from the agreement.

4. Retention of title
The ownership of the sold and delivered products remains at the COMPANY, until the total and complete payoff of their total price from the customer.

5. Safe products – Terms of guarantee.
Some of the available from the COMPANY products are lasting products which have any necessary certification of safe use. These products are accompanied by written instructions of use (except for the simple-in-their-use products) and by a written guarantee of a reasonable duration, in the Greek language. The document of the guarantee always includes the name and the address of the guarantor, the product to which the guarantee refers, as well as the rights that the applicable law provides. The guarantee of the appliance has duration from the date of its purchase according to the constructor and allows the free restoration of the problem, in case the following terms are fulfilled:
• Non-existence of the guarantee of the dealership and the receipt of the purchase of the appliance.
• Non-deterioration of the consistent elements of the appliance (Serial number).
• Non-exception of the damage on the basis of the document of the guarantee of the constructor.

Foreign Customers are Concerned
1. Way of Delivery
All shippings are accomplished by Fedex courier company.
2. Time of Delivery
The orders are delivered within 4 working days.